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Through My Soulful Lens: Holipura Village Visit Around Chambal


What comes to your mind, when you first think of Chambal?

Do you think about Phoolan Devi or Paan Singh Tomar?

I know even the name ‘Chambal’ creates a fear in our mind but the time has changed. The ravines of the Chambal village no longer house the famous dacoits. The ravines of Chambal (Madhya Pradesh’s Morena and Uttar Pradesh’s Bundalkhand) might definitely be a house to a thousand folklores once upon a time, the ones that are mostly narrated by our grannies in an attempt to threaten us but the village holds much more than what we’ve always heard of. And I realised it, right when I visited the Holipura village of Chambal.

“It’s time you say goodbye to the folklores of fear and embrace beautiful smiles.”

I met happy people; the ones who greet you with a warm smile. 

This man over here, just met me while I was trying to click the beautiful building now a ruin belonging to the Chaturvedi family; the prosperous family that ruled the village for years together.

P.S. The house you can spot in the picture is over 500 years old.

Holipura Village Chambal

I met a lady who still resides in a house built 350 years ago and knows all stories.
Holipura Village Chambal

Indrajeet Bhavan; the second oldest house in the village; the one that belongs to the family of the old lady was a beautiful masterpiece.

Holipura Village Chambal

Holipura Village Chambal

I met kids who love being clicked and the ladies who still follow the traditions with all their hearts. 

Holipura Village Chambal

And beautifully handcrafted doors to the past.

Holipura Village Chambal

I met women who posed for me and gave me a big broad smile while on their way to home from work. 

Precious, isn’t it?

Holipura Village Chambal

I met people who opened up their gates for us to take a look at the way they live and offered us water. 

Holipura Village Chambal

This girl right here was swinging on the porch running in that beautiful yellow dress with dreamy eyes. 

Not to forget, the charming smile.

Holipura Village Chambal

Look at her again, all smiles and happiness shining through. 

And her brother, who like all brothers was guarding her.

Holipura Village Chambal

Last but not the least, the beautiful sunset that set me free. 

The sunset over the Chambal river was exquisite. I watched birds, turtles and even dolphins here.

Holipura Village Chambal

Walking through the village was a warm experience; an experience that you may get while taking a good long walk, early in the morning. It fed my soul with a lot of positivity. Receiving warm welcomes, looking at old rustic buildings that hold a thousand stories, listening to the village people tell us folklores about the Chaturvedi family (the family that ruled the Holipura village) and enjoying watching children play freely on the steps of their huts.

Not to forget, how fully functional branch of bank works there in one of the ruins.

While the village of Chambal might have had its own share of troubles and difficulties back in time, I was stunned to see how things have changed with time.

I had a wonderful experience wandering around the village.

Hope you loved this post as much as I loved drafting it for you. If you did, don’t forget to drop in your comments here. 🙂

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