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Our Story- The Beginning Of A Lifetime! #cheryljoy

“My darling, you will never be unloved by me. You are too well tangled in my soul.”

Love, Oh! How I love the feeling of it and more than that how I love being in love with someone, I can easily picture a lifetime with (yes, a happy home and two little kids). Haha… 😀

Being from opposite sides of the country, I had no idea at all that I would ever meet someone who shares so much. Including the same look in the eyes and throbbing heartbeats when the eyes meet.

Joy has given me a million excited butterflies, the ones that will flutter lifelong, making me fall more in love with him every day!

Joy, an HR personnel who’s quite formal and practical, born and raised in Chennai and me, a writer and travel, food enthusiast who’s dreamy and lives life mostly on cloud nine. Not to forget, born and bought up in a typical North Indian family. It was impossible to imagine our world’s meet but then, “Love happens anywhere. It doesn’t need an agent.” Right?

It was an arranged affair! Or I should say, an arranged affair that turned to love in no time. 😀

OUR STORY: The Beginning of #cheryljoy

How did it begin? 


It was August 25th when I was casually scrolling through Facebook and there popped a chat box with his name gleaming blue with glory. I was stunned to receive a message that had words carefully woven together and an introduction that couldn’t be more formal than it was. I liked him the very instant for he wasn’t creepy at all (the way Facebook gets nowadays!) And we ended up talking on a call the same day while we discussed how our parents found us as preferable marriage proposals.

Our parents found each other on a matrimony site and asked us to see if we like each other.

It was difficult to see each other as a marriage proposal because who does things in an arranged affair, anymore? Only a few! But with days flying by, we became really good friends. And to our surprise, we even shared mutual friends, way before we knew each other. Yep!

The beginning was nothing close to love or the feeling of belonging. He was the first guy who didn’t even try flirting once. With time and endless texting, video calls and random snaps later, we somehow started sharing the very important aspects of life; of how life had been a bittersweet journey till now, sometimes even tough for us and how we understood each another way well then we ever imagined someone would. It was as if the universe was trying to tell us how good we gel together and how soon he should lock me down.

P.S. We have a single language ruling our communication; English. He knows nothing of Hindi, and you can very well imagine me speaking Tamil. 😀

Months flew by, and we managed to keep a perfect friendship alive.

How and when did we say a yes? 

It was October; I was in Mumbai for a little vacation to meet my best friend, sleeping like a pig at the hotel, I woke up to a call at 4 in the morning.

Joy: “Hey! I am at the airport.”

Me (struggling to open my eyes and panicking while I try to find my sandals and fetch for clothes to wear to look good for him. We were meeting for the first time.): “I am coming. I am on my way.”

I somehow made it to the airport wearing the best clothes. A nervous soul, holding my heart, trying to breathe normally, with a trillion thoughts running in my mind. (Oh, and I was also practising how to shake hands the first time while travelling in the cab. Even the driver giggled a little.)

P.S. I have never been so nervous.

Joy: “Hey. Where are you?”

Me (Trying to comb my hair because I forgot): “Right at the terminal gate. Where are you?”

Joy: “Guess!”

And there he was! A man looking fine, wearing a black sweatshirt.

I still remember the moment I laid my eyes on this man with the most charming smile, walking towards me at that crowded airport terminal, extending his warm yet nervous hand, holding a beautiful bunch of pink and white flowers.

Confused what to do first and…bump!

We bumped into each other while giving each other the first hug!

We spent an entire weekend partying, having endless breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and dinner dates, trying to understand each other, but the moment it ended, it was hard to say a Goodbye! We were fumbling at the airport; we had no idea if we’d speak to each other again. It was an arranged affair, and we were confused about what’ll happen next but we sure as hell could see that there’s something incredible that we share now. There was an emotional connection between us at that moment, and we were falling short of words. I cannot forget the way I felt when he walked past the glass doors at the airport, and I had to walk back to the cab with a heavy heart.

I was in love and he, well, as far as I could see in his eyes, he was too!

But he couldn’t let me go back home sad. Could he? He gave me a call, the moment I was out of his sight. And he asked me to turn around. I ran to the gate, and I saw him trying to talk to the man checking tickets to let him out for just a minute, and there I was. Head over heels in love with this man, again. Haha.. 😀

And being a man full of surprises, he gave me a quick hug and a peck on my forehead and left! Imagine the smile; I carried back home that night and the feelings he might have had that moment.

The next morning, we both were back home, and trust me when I mention this, I never felt so fresh getting up in the morning.

Working, I heard my phone ring.

Joy: “Hey! Good morning.”

Me: “Hey! How are you?”

Joy: “Remember how I said, we’ll have to take some time before we decide?”

Me (Nervous): Yeah!

Joy: “Well, I guess it’s time I say it.”

Me (Nervousness continues): “What?”

Joy: “I love you!”

Me (You can imagine my state atm, trying to play it super cool, ended up crying.): “I love you too.”

I love you too! It struck my heart so strong.

Love does that. Doesn’t it? It overpowers every feeling you have been tasting, and there’s a new sense of strength you feel when they say it.

Neglecting everything that might hold people back from committing to a lifetime relationship, we tried all that we could to manage a perfect 2 States (North-South) Long Distance Relationship, fighting odds, differences and trying hard to fit into each other’s schedules for a duration of over 7 months (This was one hell of a task, and we only know how we handled it.)

Soon after that, our parents started talking about the wedding, and we flew back and forth, meeting each other’s families and deciding on the suitable dates.

I can never forget the first time I saw him going down on his knees and me, shocked, crying with a little blushy smile, trying to gather all the love together to say something, anything.

The feeling is so afresh; I still have goosebumps. It has been a hell of a ride; all the moments that he left me struggling for words while I cry sweet tears thinking about how I ended up with this fine man beside me.
Oh! And how my Mister completes me. I can never express in a million words.

I’m in awe and will be all our life together.

Married to my partner in crime, my best friend, the one I sure as hell am sweet torturing right now with bear hugs and strawberry kisses!

Until my next post,

Keep loving!


Cheryl 🙂

A Millennial Wife, Home Chef, and a Work at Home Writer.

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