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Local Service a comparison between Sulekha and Justdial


Generating leads in the online world is not easy. To put an end to your search, there are unlimited business and service listing platforms available in India. These leading listing platforms include names like Sulekha, JustDial, Google, etc. However, there are just a few who would put a stop to the questions running in your mind. If you are an Indian who has been looking for the most reliable service listing platform, here’s your comparison based on a few factors and facts that clearly states the comparison between the two leading listing platforms available in India; Sulekha and JustDial.

These are facts and reviews from my personal experience that I have noticed while registering me on Sulekha and JustDial to Grow My Business. 

Features Sulekha JustDial
Method of Registration for Listing Paid Only Mostly Free
Quality of Leads AvailableVerification done by Sulekha NO verification done 
Lead ScrapingYes, refund available in 24 hoursNO refund 
Quality of ListingsBetter leads since proper steps for registration are followedNo such parameters involved in registration, 40% unpaid leads
SupportExcellent Customer SupportGood/Average Customer Support 
Lead Source to ContactSearch traffic and keywords, Enquiry Management SystemCustomer call (8888888888)General search on website
FeedbacksCustomer wrote, “Satisfied with Sulekha’s leads and quality filtration which makes it better than other platforms like IndiaMart and Just Dial” Customer wrote, “Lost approx. 8000 and didn’t get any lead.”

Are online listing websites good? 

Registering a business or service on the various available online platforms available in India can increase your ROI in the short term itself. Online business development platforms like Sulekha are the best and most effective free-listing websites that can enhance the visibility of your business. Gone are the days when people used offline directories and phone calls to search for Business Professionals. Sulekha for Business offers an easy online stage that enables potential customers to instantly identify, learn about, and contact businesses relevant to their needs. 

  • Potential & genuine customers will come to know about you 
  • Providing information on a business listing platform will showcase your business as a reliable provider 
  • Since, online business listing platforms have proper mechanisms for notifications, registering your business with a listing website will increase your business
  • Having a presence on the leading business listing platform where your audience search, it is an added advantage of trust & credibility

How to grow small businesses in India? 

While there are plenty of ways available online for businesses to grow into a giant, nothing can beat the advantages that a comprehensive and business listing platform gives. In my experience, Sulekha has been a reasonable and simplistic classified website that has helped me exceed my target over one year. 

  • Having my advertisements done on the Television, Radio or the newspaper would have been a big budget expense & complicated one too. Registering my business on Sulekha has been an easy ride and with far lesser budgets. 
  • Growing small business is flexible with an online listing platform due to its affordable pricing and attached benefits 
  • You get to narrow down your business according to searches done on the website 
  • You can select your target cities, city to source your marketing
  • You get to attract prospective customers not just on desktop but on the mobile application too
  • You can get more leads based on your response time and feedback mentioned on the online listing platform


Sulekha Logo (PRNewsFoto/Sulekha.com New Media Pvt. Ltd)

100% verified leads and NOT junk leads

Sulekha enquires customers by asking questions to qualify the need & ensure genuineness of the enquiry. They verify their authenticity through OTP every single time. Hence, the leads passed on the platform are 100% genuine & verified.

Genuine Internet users

Sulekha customers are avid internet users. As mentioned before, the customer first generally enquires for his need and searches for a solution at the platform. Thus, making him a genuine internet user who understands your business service.

Less competition

At Sulekha the leads that you receive are shared with a maximum of 4-5 service providers. This narrows down the competition and with focused attention paid, you can easily convert leads into sales. 

Technology-enabled – Quality leads than bulk leads

With Artificial Intelligence, backend customer support & query management systems in place, Sulekha ensures you get NOT a large quantity of all kinds of leads but meaningful ones that can be converted easily.

Not to forget the known fact that Sulekha offers API only if the business payment is of high value.

Customer – Now or when?

Through the questioning procedure & a perfect Enquiry Management System in place, Sulekha analyses the period in which the customer is likely to need your service. This ensures that you have a shorter inquiry-conversion cycle – leading to quicker Return on Investment!

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