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As the monsoon started settling down a little and my mom started counting down her 50th birthday, all I could feel was to take her out for a trip. She has always been a dreamer, a person who loves being at peace and enjoy moments alone. And as I scrolled through Instagram, I thought why not, Kaas plateau.

One of Maharashtra’s most unusual landscapes; Kaas plateau is enveloped in flowers of various kinds four months every year. With waterfalls everywhere, clouds trailing around you and lush green plants singing the melodies of the crisp weather; Kaas plateau is a delight to breathe in.

According to the Bombay Natural History Society, the 1,850-hectare plateau houses more than 1,500 kinds of plants, which surprisingly includes 33 endangered varieties too. The plethora of colors that you see floating everywhere in the Google Image search is the reason I thought of traveling all the way from Indore to Pune and later to Kaas Plateau.

We (me and my family,) drove all the way from Indore to Kaas, i.e., 708 km in 15 hours with a couple of food and shopping stops while we traveled. The food and shopping stops included Manmad, Yola, Shirdi, Pune, Loni Kalbhor, and Satara.

On the Way

The drive from Indore to Pune, Pune to  Satara and Satara to Kaas was way beyond delightful. While it was sweltering here in Madhya Pradesh, the moment we drove into Maharashtra, a cold and crisp breeze filled us with all the excitement. And later a cup of chai and some Kanda bhajji (onion pakoras/ fritters,) we were set to hit the road.

Kaas plateau
HADBI CHI SHENDI (Thumb’s Up Pinnacle)

We drove by Hadbi chi shendi which is a peak that looks like a thumbs up sign. It is 150ft tall and is a major attraction for travelers. A lot of enthusiasts go rock climbing and rappelling there too.

Kaas plateau
HADBI CHI SHENDI is a crest that looks like a thumb’s Up and is 150 ft long.

The drive from Satara to Kaas is specifically lovely. Especially if you are a person who is an excited kid like me, the way to Kaas is for you. With some stopovers and great views of the valley, both the dams on the two sides of the hills, the way to Kaas is ecstatic.

Loni Kalbhor
Kaas plateau
Mom enjoying the view at Loni Kalbhor

Located at an altitude of 3937 ft., Kaas is a biodiversity hotspot.

Kaas gave me a feeling indescribable.

Kaas plateau
Morning 01 at Kaas, watching the sunrise with my sister.

Letting the fresh and crisp breeze play with your hair, and the scorching sun slowly rising to touch the dewy plateau, you will for sure fall in love.

Morning in the Kaas valley.

Kaas gave me the little joys that had been missing from my life for a long time now. Unlike any other hill station, Kaas plateau gives you a panoramic view of the vast lands filled with flowers. Because I visited the place in an offseason, I was able to capture only a few of the beautiful flowers. Plus with all that heavy rain pouring in, it got difficult for me to picture every damn corner of the place.

Kaas plateau anyways is a beautiful memory to take back home.

To make the most of the views and take pictures of the flowers, I decided to head over for a walk early in the morning.

I was able to capture a couple of flowers, and that was enough for my travel bones to jump a lot more.

Kaas plateau
Berki – Smithia bigemina
Kaas plateau
Curcuma Longa- Turmeric Root
Kaas plateau
Undri – Linum Mysurense
Kaas plateau
Motha Sonki – Adenoon indicium
Kaas plateau
Flower of Kaas
Kaas plateau
Lotus at the humanmade lake.

Our visit was after the rain washed away the bloomed Impatiens Lawii, the ones that give the pink hue to the plateau. What we did not miss were Berki, the turmeric root, the flower of Kaas, Undri, and patches of Drosera burmannii (a carnivorous plant) here and there.

At around 2 pm when it got a little too sunny, we decided to head over for lunch, we drove back to the place we stayed at and had a hearty meal.

Lunch at Heritagewadi

Visit to the Kaas Lake:

After resting for a couple of hours and having a fantastic chit-chat family session, we decided to head over to the Kaas Lake for the sunset. While we headed to the Kaas Lake, the views with every turn were mesmerizing. With darkness enveloping the entire plateau and a red hue making its way into the sky, the sun setting down felt harmonious. We sat there until the sun went down and were in awe of the weather.

Kaas plateau
Sunset at the Kaas lake
At the British bungalow

Your Guide to Kaas:

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is between June and September to see most of the flowers. June and July usually experience heavy rains; the flower carpet is young and fresh, but views are dark. While in August and September, you will be able to see clearer skies and flowers in full bloom. During the rest of the year, the plateau is all brown and dull.

Stay: I’d suggest you pick up your tent and go camping but if you want to stay somewhere peaceful with all amenities in hand; Heritagewadi is the place.

Tips for Kaas plateau: 

Get your tickets only on the official website of Kaas plateau.

Reach early in the morning so that you can get the most of the plateau in cold weather.

Since, there is a lot to walk there, carry plenty of water and don’t forget your running/sports shoes.

Try and go with a naturalist; a person who will tell you all about the flowers. You may meet a couple of them right at the gate.

All this while and all the places that I have been to, I was never really interested in knowing about the flowers and plants around. But here at Kaas, I felt like a naturalist on the stroll.

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