Dear 25 Year Old Me, This Is What I Have To Say


So recently a friend asked me, “What advice would you give your 25- year- old self?” and I was mum. There were a thousand thoughts running through my mind and I was struggling to string them together and put them all in front of her, all the things I wish to say to my present self. I stood there for a while taking deep breaths, looking out of the window, trying to play with my fingers a little, gathering all that courage and looking for the right moment to retch them all out.

It was not like I had nothing to say to myself, it was just a lot. There were a lot of hopes, dreams, confessions, ambitions and even visions that were waiting to adorn my lips and spill out but I wanted to pause. I wanted to wait, introspect and write them down; write them down here in my personal space and let my Dear 25-year-old self, feel it; all of it, again and again.

So, I sit here typing this with a lot of love, for you, and of course for me.

Dear 25 year- old me,


Relax, though the path still seems unknown, and topsy-turvy with much-hidden good and bad moves, the die-hard soul in you shall make it through. Everything might not be okay, right now but it will get easier. You’ll have to work hard for all that you want, and you’ll certainly get everything if you keep patience. It’s all worth it and you’ll know it the day you’ll achieve it.


Relax, I know you want everything ship shape and shiny, I know right now you probably feel like nothing’s going your way, I know there are a lot of struggles to fight through, but I also know that you made it so far and it was you; your patience, hard work, zeal and foremost, your willingness to achieve it that helped you get all that you have right now. But, there is a long way to go. And while you wait, while you struggle, while you try, don’t be in a hurry, don’t strain yourself, don’t rush yourself, everything good will come to you, trust yourself and live with that trust.


Relax, and live. Live the moments, good or bad. Live in the present and take your past as a big fat learning; a lesson you can use in your future endeavours.


Relax, don’t be scared of anything wrong that happens. For everything wrong that befalls is for making the right path for the right things to come in.


Relax and laugh it all out. Laugh, like there’s no tomorrow, laugh like a child like you are 10.


Relax and hope. Hope that you travel to all the places that you’ve always wanted to, hope that you have continued living your life with the same enthusiasm and positive attitude that you want to carry for the rest of your life, hope that you accept yourself the way you are; fat or slim, with scars or with a double chin. Hope that you are proud of all the years that you put behind you and where you showed all your courage to achieve something big. And hope that you never shy away from taking risks and living a little on the edge.


Relax and love. Stop thinking about what others say and just love. Stop taking their remarks into consideration and keep loving, keep loving the same person again and again. Keep loving the person you want to love and someone who loves you equally or more.


Relax and don’t give up. Don’t give up if people give up on you. They don’t understand your worth, they don’t know your struggles, they don’t know the tears you cry behind that door and they certainly don’t deserve an explanation or a right to stay. Stop letting them run your life and your happiness or your mood. Make yourself the centre of your life, know what you want to feel, who you want to be with. Do all that is good for your soul.


Relax and live your dream. Do something that requires your soul, creativity, love, and your passion. Put 100% of yourself into your work. Stop thinking about the societal standards, peer pressure or even their labels of success. They prioritize money above happiness, you don’t. We need money to survive, of course, we cannot really eat without money but don’t let money be your only motive and reason to happiness. There are more things to happiness than just dollar bills.


Relax and remember that wealth does not buy happiness, a smile does. All those little things that you do for someone or someone does for you buy happiness. Wake up every morning and watch yourself smile in the mirror, love yourself, pass over smiles to others around you and let them know you love them. Smile and let them know that happiness goes a long way and not wealth.


Relax and most of all, remember one thing; one thing that is really important, love yourself and give yourself the permission; give yourself the permission to be everything you can be and want to be because it is in this permission that you will find your true self.


At 25, find your true self and give an opportunity to your 50-year-old self, to write yourself a happy hearty letter 25 years from now.


I love you. Yes, say that to yourself, every day.




Your 25-year-old self.


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