Confessions Of A Foodie On A Diet

What do you think of an utterly healthy green leafy diet? Or a state where you sob looking at a bowl of salad and wish if the chia seeds could be replaced by something as slurpy as melted cheese and lettuce dipped in a lot of Mayo? Umm… YUM!

Well, if this is the case with you, we are sailing the same boat.

Hi, I’m Cheryl and yes you know the foodie in me. Cooking, eating, slurping, baking, presenting, dishing; I bring food up anywhere, anytime. I can easily eat butter, salt Ummm and ok sugar too and all this is done without any pain like straight from the pantry into my greedy mouth! (And this certainly made me hungry now!)

Although I had to flip this someday now, or at least someone had to point out the gut that I was growing, I realised that I need to take a break and relax my hand and gut a little. On the flipside, I now know the essence of looking after my health by eating food that is healthy and to work out as much as I can. Not necessarily saying no to the lazy bum that I am.

Now, this does not mean, over stressing your body with a lot of low carb food, vigorous exercises or even ditching all that your tummy loves but about eating everything your belly craves and is healthy to your routine. Yes, you read that right! When I started off with this diet, I was scared if the food will benefit me but the effects were incredible. I now feel at peace with my body without compromising my cravings for things good to taste. But the diet I am about to pen down here for you is not necessarily something that you have read everywhere. I eat everything from paranthas to cakes, pastries, pancakes and even chocolates. And I am still a 26.

So, here’s the twist: 

For firsts start by ditching these foods: Cereal bowl with almonds and pistachios, fruit juices, Olive Oil/ Rice Bran Oil, Oats, fibre biscuits, brown rice and all those that claim they help you lose weight. I said no to all of it. Yes, I ditched all of them. You should do that too. Throw those myths out of your damn system.

Instead of that, I chose my regular food, something I and my body are familiar with, food that my mother and grandmother consider feeding me ever since I am a kid. There is a reason they used to ask you to have a full meal loaded with chapatis, curd, dal, vegetable and rice, not to forget “Ghee”. It turns out while most of you people think of Ghee as a villain, it is the other way around. Ghee is known for reducing cholesterol! I know you are in shock and might be thinking if I have lost my mind but this is it. I heard Rujuta Diwekar crack this out for me.

There is so much in our own country to eat than to follow the western culture of consuming Quinoa and Kale, they don’t sit well in our system (We have forever been eating the vegetables and pulses.) Your body knows nothing about them. In fact, the demarcation of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is meant to help people make sensible decisions about their meals, but it has certainly left people confused. Just because you see everyone selling anything by terming it being ‘sugar-free’ or “gluten- free” as lucrative, don’t fall into that trap. The only people benefitting from it are those in the food and weight-loss industries. Where were all these things back in time, when people used nothing but their regular food to stay fit?

So, the deal is to cut the crap available online and go your grandma’s way.

Here are a few points for you to take back home: 

  • I start my day with a glass of warm water and a few drops of lemon juice + honey. I later have a cup of tea.
  • I also go for a stroll in the morning. I plug in my earphones and just run for about 30 minutes, just like I used to do when I was 15 years old. The only difference is that it was cricket back in time that made me run.
  • For breakfast, I have either Upma, Idli, Poha, Dosa or regular paratha or regular white bread. As coconut is zero cholesterol and keeps your waist slim. I use it both scraped or in the form of chutney. We don’t use vegetable oils but use groundnut/mustard oil or ghee not the superior olive or rice bran.
  • Then after some time, I take a serving of local fruits, according to the season. No juices only  Sugarcane juice which is the best detox juice.
  • Lunch should be our very own Indian Thali with Chapati, Dal, rice, vegetable, curd, salad. No brown rice for me, our regular white rice.
  • Throw those fibre biscuits away if you have tea in the evening, Trust me those biscuits do no good. Adding to that, all the blue, purple drinks do no good as well. Ofcourse, a cup of green tea won’t hurt but try sticking to your usual choice and have milk tea in the evening. (To decrease the effect, you can, however, sprinkle cinnamon like I do.)
  • Stop believing the fact of using sugar-free supplements for your milk and tea.
  • Keep your dinner, super light. I usually go for a bowl of porridge or just some chicken to go along with one chapati. If you are a vegetarian, a yummy paneer sabzi will do great too.
  • P.S. Do not overeat at night. NO!
  • You can end your day with a glass of fresh lime water and some sprinkled cinnamon. It helps in digestion and detoxes your body effectively.

DO NOT FORGET: The trick is to have something every two hours and controlling portions.

I hope you know now how to have your routine right. Don’t compromise but eat wisely. Also, don’t forget to move your body a little. Go out for a walk or run sometimes. It will definitely make you feel unrealistic at first but will most likely make you feel confident and fabulous about yourself.

Cheers to being a foodie! 

Until my next post,

Love and stay healthy.

Also, do not forget to let me know if this helps you. I am open to all suggestions.

A Millennial Wife, Home Chef, and a Work at Home Writer.

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