Been Gone Too Long

Hey Howdy How, 

Hope you are all doing great. 

I know I have been missing from the scene for a long time now, especially with the old word spew session that I love. 

I missed everything, yes I did. Therefore, I AM BACK.

My life in Indore has been good, going on and if we talk about it in one word, it has been BUSY! Yes, busy. That miserable, grief- stricken grown up word that we all hate to utter.

I like being occupied but being busy to me means having no time for what you want to do or love. Though I am a writer and I write a lot every day, I still wish I could just relax for some time, sip a hot cup of coffee and jot down my poetry every day, or even talk about my life somewhere like I used to do at ‘The Seared Butterfly.’ 

Clearly, I don’t. I become lazy the time I am left with after I get back home and whatever time I do have at hand goes into being a social bee or watching random YouTube videos. 

This happens to you as well, right?

I stopped the whole posting blogs ceremony long ago. It’s been almost a year that I last posted and therefore my weakly challenged mind was not able to do all that it wanted to do. The good thing is, it’s now going to be about blogging, and I feel, I might be consistent this time.

Now, as I ramble here, I have realised that it is important to love and religiously follow your desires. I have missed THIS, and I am annoyed at myself. But we as “adults” just lose track of time and place and then crib how we get no time to do the things we love.

Cutting all the crap, I am here again; giving myself a people friendly talk to keep doing what I love.

That’s it, guys! 

Wait for more on the blog about my life and exploring. It will be up soon. Trust me; there is a lot coming soon.  

Until then,

Keep rambling! 


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