After The Rains Resort; Of Peaceful Evenings, Lush Green Valleys & Spectacular Views

What do you think of when you think of peace? A cold breeze, an old little book to read or a place with eternal dense green trees marking the horizon?

Peace, as the dictionary proclaims, is a feeling of freedom, of tranquility, unmatched calmness and quietude. It is the feeling where the war in your head dies with a gentle wisp of air and rests in the beauty of nature. Such was the feeling when I stood atop the balcony of my cottage facing the western ghat mountain ranges of the Nilgiri. It was a quaint little cottage, but the views it gave were exquisite.

After The Rains; The Rainforest Retreat

After The Rains Resort

Set in a 16-acre plantation, After the Rains is an exquisite place to spend your mornings breathing in fresh air and evenings sipping coffee in your private garden. We visited ‘After The Rains‘ post our wedding, to soak in some peace after the entire wedding extravaganza. And as soon as we entered the place; we were in awe. I perfectly remember my husband jumping over the reception deck with his camera trying to take as many pictures as possible while I posed in glory looking at the beautiful creation of God.

It was the most beautiful kind of feeling!

After the Rains Resort, gives you an organic experience of food as they have all that you need right in the plantation. The best experience is picking your fruits and gorging them for a quick snack. I remember how we picked oranges and chikoos or the Sapodilla fruit right at the resort while taking a stroll. And the special spread of breakfasts in the morning which was significantly ruled by fresh fruit juices and smoothies right off the garden. The place does not just limit itself to giving you fresh fruits and vegetables, but their experiences include fishing and later converting your catch into a pleasant lunch/ dinner.

After The Rains Resort

A luxury resort with all things simple and sweet; it’s just like a dream come true. Not to forget the pool! It was the prettiest pool I have seen in a while now. And in the morning it’s completely foggy; making you feel like swimming in the clouds.

Some touches here and there in the service would be great but if you go to the resort with a plan to chill your partner and family in peace; this is the place for you.

Here is a little tour into the property through my eyes. Enjoy the pictures!

After The Rains Resort
The view from the room!


After The Rains Resort
The luxurious bathroom.


On the fruit picking trail.


Mr. Husband fishing his heart out.


Collecting the clouds.

After The Rains Resort


After The Rains Resort

Hope you liked all the pictures.

P.S. More from my recent travels coming up soon on the blog.

Keep traveling and devouring great food!


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